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You pick the candy!100_4319

You pick the theme!100_4323

You pick the colors!candy table_monica

Lots of extra touches!candy_200


Receive the apothecary jar rental for free with my wedding consulting services!100_5118

Guests love candy bars!!cid_image3EA7F8B8-404C-4C3D-8D62-D65D4D71BD0B

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Includes: Candy, apothecary jars, certain decor, scoopers, bags, candy tags,
ties (linens are not included).

Price will be determined by the number of guests, type of candy and special decor requested. Flower arrangement will be an additional charge. A deposit will be required.

For the basic package (includes at least 5 different types of candy including 1 simple chocolate i.e. Sixlets or M&M’s) the price starts at $3.25 per person regular price (minimum of $150 worth of candy – if it was less then the jars would not be filled to the top with candy & I also buy in bulk).