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Inexpensive Venue Options for a Bridal Shower


Contrary to common belief, there is much to it about being a bridesmaid than just holding up the trail of the bride’s wedding dress. There are many who are unaware of the fact that bridesmaids are the ones who spend for the bridal shower and her dress. This is why many bridesmaids are searching for other options on how they can make the bridal shower an inexpensive yet memorable event.

If you are planning to host a bridal shower for your friend, you will need to do it wisely so that it will not be so expensive. One way you can do this is to be careful with your bridal shower venues. Since this is mostly where the expense goes to, make sure that you look for an inexpensive option if you can.

Here are some ideas:

  • Community Center – There may be one of you that reside in an apartment complex that has its own community center. You can rent this space as a venue at a cheaper cost because of that person.
  • Condo Unit – There might be one of the bridesmaids who own or rent a posh condominium unit. You can ask if she would be amenable to using the space for the occasion. You just have to make sure that you will not be making too much of a mess. If ever, you can repay her for the time you stay there.
  • Park – There are also some public parks that serve as a venue for private parties. You can check with your local park if this is something they are okay with. However, you have to make sure that there is no upcoming storm.
  • Mobile Party Service – If you’re planning to hit the night in the city, you can rent a mobile party service instead of a hotel room. This will be less expensive for you because you do not have to pay for transportation and the room itself.

There are so many options that you can consider for an inexpensive bridal shower venue. Check our Glam to Go mobile party service for your bridal shower. 210-595-9263.