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Planning an outdoor ranch-style wedding in the Texas Hill Country

IMG_3022Recently, I just finished coordinating a beautiful fall outdoor ranch wedding outside of San Antonio, Texas. The planning had taken over a year by the bride and I was hired about 3 months out to coordinate the day of. The ranch she had her reception at was originally owned by her grandfather who had passed away. He had wished for one of his grandchildren to have their reception there and his wish came true! It was a really special day for the entire family.

_0407My bride was very DIY when it came to décor. She had a vision in her head and knew to make it just the way she wanted she needed to create it herself. If you are crafty I say, “Go for it!” You can save a lot of money and get exactly what you want by making it yourself. But, please give yourself extra time to do this. Even with all her planning, well in advance, she was still scrambling for help the night and morning of trying to complete her projects. Who wants to stress that close to their wedding? You can also hire a wedding coordinator to assist you in these tasks at hand.

IMG_3009Be sure to book your vendors well in advance (6-8 months) and be sure to follow up at least 1 month prior to ensure your order is correct. Two weeks before the wedding, we learned that the bathroom company didn’t have her order on file for some reason and we were frantically trying to ensure having a bathroom even up to 2 days prior to the reception. There are so many items to figure in when having a wedding on a ranch with nothing but land. Here are several points to remember:

1. Tent – does it need flaps, heat or fans for the weather expected? Will it be big enough to hold all your guests, dance floor, DJ & band, other vendors (caterer, bartenders, etc.)? Having a CAD drawing is crucial.

2. Bathrooms – Do you want a comfort bathroom with 2-4 stalls?

3. Electricity – Do you need to rent generators?

4. Water – Do you have a water source?

5. Tables, chairs, bars, dance floor, linens, china

6. Parking area – Do you have some of the land cleared for parking?

7. Decor

8. Large cleared out grassy area with no weeds for tent (need to maintain this space up until the wedding) and prepare for bugs (spray the area)

Nov 15  CAD _0362There’s a lot to consider, isn’t there? Don’t forget to prepare for the weather and have heaters/fans/additional tents on standby so they are available to you if needed. If you wait until the last minute they will be rented out and then what will you do?

Lastly, you need to think about your budget when planning a wedding of this caliber. It will probably cost you more than a typical reception at a venue for all the items you need to consider for. The venues already have all those items in place.

If you need help with planning your wedding and where to get the items needed for an outdoor wedding please contact Trudy Scott with Royalty Event Parties, 210-595-9263 or I’m here to help with coordinating, planning your honeymoon and ordering invitations/stationery.

The 2nd and last photos were provided by The Wedding Shoppe.

Keeping It Cool At An Outdoor Wedding

Let’s face it…having an outdoor wedding during the summer months can be HOT! Maybe you got a great rate on a venue or you both are just very outdoorsy type of people, WONDERFUL! However, you need to be proactive in thinking about your guests that will attend & their comfort. Here are some ideas on how you can make your event more enjoyable during the hot summer months.large_mister_fan_wedding

  • Rent Port-A-Cool Units, Air Conditioners, Misting Fans, or Fans and place them strategically throughout the reception/ceremony. Having one near the bar and dance floor are the top 2 locations. The Port-A-Cool units can decrease the temperate from up to 10-15 degrees!  Most party rental places will have them and they aren’t as expensive as you might think. Great Events Full Service Event Rentals carries all of those in San Antonio.


  • Tents…need I say more? Shade is essential and sometimes you just can’t rely on the trees to give you all the shade you need. You never know where the sun might fall throughout the day and just how shady it will be. A tent will give you the security too if bad weather arises. There are so many types of tents, very basic to the extravagant. Rental companies have different sizes, shapes, & features to fit any budget.

water_station_wedding water_station_1_weddingwater_signs_wedding

  • Guests love beverage stations. This is essential for staying hydrated too! Make it fun and inviting by offering several types of beverages to choose from. The easiest way is to make flavored water with fruits, cucumber, mint, etc. Just slice and throw it in the water! How easy is that!! Having cute framed signs to tell the guests what each one is adds an extra touch too. I did that for one of my couples and they loved it!


  • Program Fans at the ceremony are not only great for sharing information about the ceremony but also to use for fanning yourself in the heat! Guests can then bring them with them at the reception and use them there as well. The above picture is from Carlson Craft offers a wide variety of these and you can receive 10% off by going through this link: program fans.

Royalty Event Parties is here to help! If you have questions about different wedding situations, wedding etiquette questions or need advice on the creative side, I am here for you! Give me a call at 210-595-9263 or email me at You can find me at Pinterest, Facebook, and my website: