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Reflections of 2014 from San Antonio Wedding Planner

blog_headlines_2014For this post, I decided to open up more on a personal level and reflect on 2014. I would say my emotions were all over the place. I started the year off strong with my previous company, Royal Tea Princess Parties – a children’s party planning company, but knew it was time for me to pass the torch on to someone else which was a sad moment for me. I had been doing it for 9 years and it was a struggle juggling this business along with my current business, Royalty Event Parties, and my day-to-day stuff that goes on in my personal life. Let me back track just a little….




I have a 13 year old daughter who acquired brain damage from birth trauma. My life path changed the day she was born and I have done everything I can to be a strong advocate for her and be there for her day-to-day needs. I dress her, bath her, brush her teeth and hair, wipe her face and hands after each meal, & help with bathroom duties. All the little things we take for granted I do for her every day. Now that she is a teenager her hormones are high and her behaviors change all the time. She is also diagnosed with an array of other things but the top 2 are mood disorder and anxiety. I also have a son that gets frustrated at times so that can add to the stress. Just like a roller coaster, she has high/great days and also low/hard days. I am constantly working on making it better each and every day!




In June, I ended up selling my business to my old employee. It was a bitter sweet moment for me. It was hard to let it go after building it up and hosting over 900 parties! It was my baby and I wanted this company to continue on…and it has! I feel good about the decision and she is doing fantastic with it! I did this so I could focus more of my time and attention to Royalty Event Parties, my wedding consulting business.

facebook_ad_vintage_edited-1I began my invitation services in 2014 as well. I partnered up with Carlson Craft and Printswell and started 2 online storefronts. I meet with the couples one-on-one and give them the customer service they deserve in a non-pressure, relaxing environment.





I was able to attend 2 bridal shows in 2014 and loved it!! I met so many brides and helped many with their invitations and consulting needs. I helped many couples with their wedding by providing day of and full service coordinating. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE watching the couple as they see their reception all set up for the first time. All those months of planning has finally arrived and their excitement, tears, & laughter is carried into my heart. I feel so blessed to be a part of their most special day.


Also in 2014 I attended the Sandals training program and became a Certified Sandals Specialist and also went to Nassau, Bahamas to become a WeddingMoons Specialist. I have been working with couples in planning their dream honeymoon in a budget they can afford! I can also assist in destination weddings there too. In the past, I went to Mexico and toured the Palace Resorts and became trained with their wedding/honeymoon packages as well.


I have had a very busy year! I have lots of “New Beginnings” in store for 2015 and will be adding and changing parts of my business. I am in the process of working on them right now and can’t wait to reveal them in the near future!! The season is here for proposals and new engagements. I am looking forward to talking to new couples and helping make their special day the most memorable moment of their life! Happy New Year!!! Here’s a cute proposal I found…

If you need assistance with your wedding please contact me, Trudy Scott, at 210-595-9263 or email me at I am looking forward to a great 2015!

How to save money on your wedding invitations

The first and most important way to save money on your invitations is to purchase them through me, Royalty Event Parties (in person or through my online storefronts). I am currently offering 10% off all printing orders (except Disney), which includes invitations (engagement, bachelorette, showers, wedding, birthdays, graduations, etc.), save the dates, programs, menu cards, place cards, stickers, note cards, napkins, coasters & more! If you use my coordinating services you will receive 15% off!


Other Money Saving Tips

1. For a casual or semi-formal event you can put the reception information on the invitation instead of using a separate reception card. If it is a formal event then of course, you would want to purchase a separate reception card.

2. A popular and less expensive way of printing is thermography. Thermography will give you a raised look and feel for much less money. Carlson Craft offers raised printing as a standard option on most invitations.


3. The paper, artwork, size of invitation, added pictures or monograms, type of printing (i.e. letterpress, foil, flat, thermography), & added embellishments all add to the cost of the invitation. The simpler your design, the cheaper it will be. Carlson Craft offers a fantastic all-in-one invitation/response card postcard that is their most affordable style. I have had many budget brides, who thought they couldn’t afford Carlson Craft, pleasantly surprised when I showed them this option!

4. Don’t over purchase! Be sure to count your A & B list carefully and instead of creating a separate B list response card have the RSVP date a little earlier so you have time to mail out to the B list as you receive regrets. Be sure to stay on top of this and send out to the B list right away. Also, don’t send out extra invitations to the same household (family members).

4. Something that you may forget to think about is the postage. If you have several layers to your invitation including double lined envelopes, the response card with envelope, tissue paper, reception card, hotel/website card, &/or map card, it can get pretty pricey. You need to think about the size too. Large square invitations cost more to mail out. Use non-lined envelopes since the weight of the lining can increase the price too. One tip I also recommend is sending out postcard response cards, you can save up to 12 cents each on the stamp.

101_5509I am here to help with any kind of wedding, on a tight budget or not. I can show you a wide variety of styles and options. Please contact me today to schedule an in-person, one-on-one appointment. I’m an established wedding consulting company in San Antonio, Texas. You can also visit my online storefronts to get ideas there as well. 210-595-9263,


5 Budget Ideas For Fabulous Guest Tables

Every bride has a vision about her wedding and how she wants the reception to look and feel. Here are 5 ideas on ways you can still have your table décor look fabulous at your wedding reception even when you are on a budget.

candles1. Use various sized candle holders & vases to create a dramatic look for evening weddings. Putting water in the taller vases with a floating candle will add “sparkle” to the table from the reflection of the water and candles. This centerpiece was from a past bride who got married at the Westin Riverwalk in San Antonio.

DSC_01502. Use the bridal bouquets as centerpieces for the head table or even on the guest tables. Purchase plastic vases and you can save a fortune! These gold vases were plastic and you couldn’t even tell. McNay Art Museum, San Antonio.

hydrangeas centerpieces votives wedding table

hydrangeas centerpieces votives wedding table

3. Hydrangeas are great filler flowers and come in a variety of colors. Use a few in a vase with a little of greenery & even some twigs you find in your yard and you have a very beautiful, yet inexpensive centerpiece. Add petals and votives for a nice addition to the table as well.

vintage pearls picture wedding reception table

vintage pearls picture wedding reception table

4. This past bride of mine wanted an antique feel to her reception. For the tables she added faux pearls place around the table along with picture frames she had gotten at a dollar store. Because some of the flowers were out of season that the bride wanted, the florist mixed in some faux flowers in the centerpiece. Can you tell which are the fake ones? No one ever knew.

various vases inexpensive flowers doilies budget table

various vases inexpensive flowers doilies budget table

5. This bride was on a very tight budget. She collected various sized vases from garage sales, dollar tree, and food containers to create a collage as the focal point. She then use cheaper flowers and baby’s breath to give the vintage look she was going for. The paper doilies & votive add the last touch to the table & tie the colors together. Simple but cute! Botanical Gardens, San Antonio.

I have so many more ideas for budget friendly décor. If you would like to ask me a question about your wedding please feel free to contact me., 210-595-9263.

Wedding Planning Etiquette: Using Email

I hope you liked the video I posted here last week! This week I’m returning to my series on wedding planning etiquette, looking at when it is and isn’t okay to use email in your wedding planning.

Email has made communication so much easier, and it can be a great way to keep on top of things with your weddings. However, it simply isn’t a stand in for traditional correspondence when it comes to your wedding.


Do use email to coordinate with your vendors. Oftentimes, having everyone on the same page is easier when you send out a group email.

Don’t use email to invite people to your wedding. A wedding invitation must be sent by mail, as a hard copy. This is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding, so make it beautiful!

Do use email for RSVPs. It’s still better to get RSVPs from guests in the mail, but allowing your guests to send their reply to you via email can mean less chasing as your reply date approaches.

Don’t use email to thank your guests. This is another thing that must be done by hand. A handwritten thank you note is so much more meaningful than something quickly dashed off on your iPhone!

Do use email to invite guests to your shower/bachelor party. These pre-wedding events are less formal, and an e-vite is often sufficient. Of course, a paper invitation is always better, but it isn’t required in the same way as the wedding invitation.

Remember that with anything you do by email, there will be some guests who don’t use email or don’t check it very often. It’s always better to go more formal as you plan your wedding, so when in doubt, don’t email.

To find out more about wedding planning etiquette, or to find out how I can help plan your San Antonio wedding, give me a call (210-595-9263) or get in touch through my website today!

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