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Printed Personalized Items For Weddings – San Antonio Invitation Services

NYSS-Booth_20x20_4-2014.indd As an invitation specialist, I am seeing most of my couples ordering Save The Dates approximately 8-12 months prior to the wedding date. They love to put their engagement picture on them and magnets, I would say, are the most popular style. Then, around 4-5 months prior, they are starting the invitation ordering process. I always tell my couple to order early so you don’t feel rushed to get them addressed, especially if you are hiring a calligrapher to address them. They usually require 2-3 weeks for this. So, what else should the couple start thinking about around this time, too? Adding personalization and special touches to your wedding really does get noticed and guests love it! Here’s a list of ideas you can incorporate for your wedding.

Personalized Napkins

I would say this is the most popular add-on to a reception that I see my couples ordering. I recommend you order 1 napkin per guest for the cake and 2 per guest for the bar drinks. Carlson Craft offers so many colors and styles. You can add your names, wedding date, special artwork and even a picture of the two of you. Napkins are pretty inexpensive and a great way to add a touch of personalization. Here are some examples. ZB_ZBN1014820zm 1080_WRPN10L1Ozm SDCCS_SDN1033383Uzm


Programs are very popular as well. I would say 70% of my couples are ordering programs for the ceremony. There are so many unique and creative ways to display your programs now. If you are having an outdoor ceremony when it is a little hot, the fan is perfect! A great keepsake is the bookmark program. On the Carlson Craft website, they have a huge selection of programs with lots of great ideas. Programs give the couple a chance to list all those in the wedding party, details about the ceremony, tell their guests thank you for coming, or even tell about a special memory or moment.

program_bookmark 3148_KEP22343zm 2414_FBP21261zm 3215_DDPN22366mn

Menu Cards

For a more formal look to the table, couples are adding menu cards. This is also helpful if the guests will be choosing from a selection of menu items. The guest can simply circle his/her choice and hand it to the caterer. From my own past experiences as a guest, I always enjoy knowing what I will be served, especially if the dinner consists of multiple courses. You can add a special personalization by creating a monogram and even placing it on the menu card along with all your other printed items.

DSC_0024 placesetting IMG_7123


A popular party favor I have seen a lot lately is coasters and koozies. This is a very economical way of providing your guests with a keepsake they can keep and use again and again. Guests love them!

View More: IMG_7818

Place Cards & Table Numbers

About 50% of the weddings I have coordinated, I have seen assigned tables/seats. When a bride asks me if she should do this or not, I always say, “Yes.” I think this is a great opportunity to have two families meet and get to know each other. When would you ever have all these people together again? Most likely, never. To make it easier on everyone, I always recommend just assigned tables, not the seat. I love to see creative couples with their table assignments. Instead of using numbers, they might use locations of where they have traveled together, special names/animals/phrases/people that are important to them, themed names (ex. famous people, favorite foods/beers, music, etc.). I say the more you can be creative the better!

IMG_7069 unique table number idea san antonio

Other Personalized Items

There are so many ideas when it comes to personalizing. Here’s a list of more items in this category:

  • Personalized Ribbon – to tie around boxes, make streamers, tie your programs, wrap party favors with, etc.


  • Small picture holder for your bouquet to honor a deceased family member

bridal_bouquet_brooch - Copy

  • Personalized stickers, stamps, seals, tags or labels for your invitations, thank you cards, party favors, or other correspondence

ZB_ZBK31659Bmn 3215_DDK32116WNzm

  • Personalized note cards and thank you notes
  • Personalized banners and signs – this is fun for the reception area (ex. the sign in table, directing guests where to go)



  • Small notecards for writing well wishes to the couple (usually placed at the sign in table)


  • Personalized Matchbooks, party favor boxes, bags (for candy or cookie bars)…get creative!

100_3327 IMG_7628 IMG_7455 IMG_7424 IMG_7798

As you can see, there are so many options when it comes to personalizing your wedding. You can find everything I mentioned above at my 2 online storefronts with Carlson Craft and Printswell. Please go there to shop and order. If you would like my assistance with ordering please contact me and I would be more than happy to walk you through over the phone or we can meet one-on-one to order as well. I am here to help!

You will currently receive 10% off your entire order by ordering through Royalty Events Planning!! That includes your invitations as well. Please contact Trudy Scott at 210-595-9263 or to order.

How much should I budget for invitations? – San Antonio Wedding Consultant

View More: Invitations & Printed Budget For San Antonio, Texas

For many brides, they consider the invitation selection to be a very crucial part of tying the entire look, feel and formality into the wedding. The more formal the event, the more formal your invitation should be. This encompasses the type of paper, the way it is printed (thermography, foil, letterpress, engraving, etc.), the size of it, the included items (pocket envelope, ribbon, brooch, enclosure cards, etc.) and the way it is worded (spelling of honour, favour, spelling out dates, etc.).

Invitations are works of art and are a memento of the special occasion that sometimes are framed and kept forever as a remembrance of the day. A lot of time should be spent deciding on the perfect one for you! So, how much should you spend on your invitations? With most, if not all of them, the price depends on how many you purchase. The more you purchase, the less you will spend per invitation. What I mentioned above is also determining factors on the price.

View More: View More:

Option 1: Let’s go with a wedding of 200 guests and an average budget of $25,000-$30,000. I have found that the bride has a smaller budget for invitations and wants to normally stay within a $400 budget. This includes everything: the invitation, RSVP card with return addresses on envelopes and shipping/tax. This bride usually will not have a separate reception card but rather include it on the invitation to save money. She might make it a little more formal by the type of wording she uses on it (a free option).

NYSS-Booth_20x20_4-2014.indd NYSS-Booth_20x20_4-2014.indd NYSS-Booth_20x20_4-2014.indd

Option 2: For the more extravagant wedding with a budget over $40,000 for 200 guests, the bride is wanting to spend a little more for her invitations. I have seen some spend over $2,500. The invitations are very important to this bride and everything from the type of paper and printing process is looked at very carefully. An average amount for invitations would be closer to $800-$1000. She might order the pocket and additional inserts such as the reception and accommodations cards.

So, what about all the other printed items? Here’s a list of what else you could order:

  • Save The Dates
  • Programs
  • Menu Cards
  • Place Cards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Party Invitations – Engagement/Bridal Shower/Bachelorette/Bachelor/Rehearsal Dinner
  • Party Favors – customized boxes, bags, coasters, koozies, matchboxes, & other containers
  • Napkins, banners, tags, stickers, labels, ribbon, etc.

NYSS-Booth_20x20_4-2014.indd NYSS-Booth_20x20_4-2014.indd

In the 2015 Wedding Report, the average amount that couples spent on these other items ranged from $83-$119. However, it didn’t list for how many guests. From my own experience with ordering these type of items for my brides, I would say that cost is a little higher in the San Antonio market. Programs, for example, start around $180 for 200.

View More:

I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Are all these other printed items necessary?” It really is based on your preference. Save the dates have become very popular recently and almost all brides are doing them. They want to ensure their guests know way in advance of their special day so they can plan accordingly. Programs are about 50% – half of the brides I have helped have used them. I see either menu cards, place cards or other personalized favors at almost every wedding. Personalized napkins and koozies are very popular as well.

If you have questions about your budget and what you can afford please contact me. If you need help ordering all your printed items I hope you will give me the opportunity to assist you. You can schedule a one-on-one appointment to view invitations in person or you can go to my two online stores and look around there or even purchase them online. When you are ready to order contact me and I can order them for you too! You will receive 10% off your order by going through me! If you use my consulting services as well you will receive 15% off your entire order!  Call me at 210-595-9263 or email at Here’s a link to my invitation page on my website with links to my stores:


How to save money on your wedding invitations

The first and most important way to save money on your invitations is to purchase them through me, Royalty Event Parties (in person or through my online storefronts). I am currently offering 10% off all printing orders (except Disney), which includes invitations (engagement, bachelorette, showers, wedding, birthdays, graduations, etc.), save the dates, programs, menu cards, place cards, stickers, note cards, napkins, coasters & more! If you use my coordinating services you will receive 15% off!


Other Money Saving Tips

1. For a casual or semi-formal event you can put the reception information on the invitation instead of using a separate reception card. If it is a formal event then of course, you would want to purchase a separate reception card.

2. A popular and less expensive way of printing is thermography. Thermography will give you a raised look and feel for much less money. Carlson Craft offers raised printing as a standard option on most invitations.


3. The paper, artwork, size of invitation, added pictures or monograms, type of printing (i.e. letterpress, foil, flat, thermography), & added embellishments all add to the cost of the invitation. The simpler your design, the cheaper it will be. Carlson Craft offers a fantastic all-in-one invitation/response card postcard that is their most affordable style. I have had many budget brides, who thought they couldn’t afford Carlson Craft, pleasantly surprised when I showed them this option!

4. Don’t over purchase! Be sure to count your A & B list carefully and instead of creating a separate B list response card have the RSVP date a little earlier so you have time to mail out to the B list as you receive regrets. Be sure to stay on top of this and send out to the B list right away. Also, don’t send out extra invitations to the same household (family members).

4. Something that you may forget to think about is the postage. If you have several layers to your invitation including double lined envelopes, the response card with envelope, tissue paper, reception card, hotel/website card, &/or map card, it can get pretty pricey. You need to think about the size too. Large square invitations cost more to mail out. Use non-lined envelopes since the weight of the lining can increase the price too. One tip I also recommend is sending out postcard response cards, you can save up to 12 cents each on the stamp.

101_5509I am here to help with any kind of wedding, on a tight budget or not. I can show you a wide variety of styles and options. Please contact me today to schedule an in-person, one-on-one appointment. I’m an established wedding consulting company in San Antonio, Texas. You can also visit my online storefronts to get ideas there as well. 210-595-9263,


Tips about inviting guests to your wedding

facebook_ad_vintage_edited-1As a professional wedding consultant in San Antonio, I have some valuable invitation & guest  tips that every couple should know when planning their wedding.

1. When should I order my invitations? You need to allow ample time for the ordering process, mailing and guest response. Mailing them six to eight weeks before the wedding date is standard. However, if you have a lot of guests traveling from out of town or attending a destination wedding, ten to twelve weeks is best to give them time to make their travel plans.

2. Should I mail out extra invitations so I get the number of attendees I want? As a general rule, approximately 20 percent of the people you invite will be unable to attend. However, don’t be tempted to over invite too much over the venue capacity. You can always have a “B List” and send invitations out to them a few weeks prior to the wedding date if you do receive “No” responses early. Be sure to order extra invitations for this!

3. How do I handle the “no kids” or “and guest” situation? If you do not want children at the wedding that is perfectly fine. Just be sure to address the envelope with the parent’s names only. Never write “No Children” on the invitation. Also, be sure to have the “No Children” policy for everyone. You don’t want hurt feelings. For the “plus 1” situation…It is not mandatory that you have to include a date for single guests. If you address with just the guest’s name he/she may get the idea. However, they may call/email you asking if it would be ok to bring a date. That is a tough call. To avoid a confrontation you may want to go ahead and include the additional guest even though it means an extra dollar amount for you.


4. Who should I and shouldn’t I include on the guest list? This question is always one of the biggest issues couples deal with about their wedding. You should only invite those that you REALLY WANT TO BE AT YOUR WEDDING! Don’t invite guests when you know they won’t show just to say you invited them. Logically, the main part of your guest list will be filled with family and friends. One other group you should include is your boss and close coworkers. If you don’t have the budget to include coworkers, just invite your boss. You do not have to invite ALL coworkers but do so quietly and discretely. Again, you don’t want hurt feelings. Do not invite an Ex, even if you are on friendly terms. I don’t think your fiancé will appreciate that. Don’t feel obligated that you have to invite an old college friend to your wedding just because they invited you to theirs.

5. How do I handle the “B List” for inviting guests? If you have a lot more guests that you would like to invite but just don’t have it in the budget (or room in the venue) then be sure to mail out the invitations 8 weeks prior (give a little more time) and as you receive “Regrets” you can then mail out invitations from your “B List.” Be sure to order extra invitations for this at your initial ordering (it will be cheaper to add an extra 25 invitations with the first order instead of ordering separately later on).


If you have additional etiquette questions about your invitations please call or email me. I would be happy to discuss that with you. Remember, for a limited time I am offering 10% off all invitation/stationery products (excludes Disney) from my online stores and in-person.  Click here for my Carlson Craft Store (discount automatically taken) and here for my Printswell Store (enter code 10%OFFSPECIAL). If you want that one-on-one service please contact me at 210-595-9263 or for an in-person appointment.

Thank you to San Antonio Weddings for posting a blog about my invitation services!–off-invitations-755.aspx

San Antonio Wedding Consultant Offers Invitations

I have been working diligently this past month ordering invitation albums, learning all the etiquette, affiliating myself with printers and invitation companies, learning their ordering process, and updating my website. I have been so excited about when I could finally launch and tell the world that I now offer invitation services. The time has finally come!

I have actually been dealing with invitation companies for over 9 years with my previous company, Royal Tea Princess Parties. I ordered in bulk, created all the invitation wording myself and took orders for my customers, typeset the invitation, sent the proof, printed them myself and then mailed (or even dropped them off – I really feel strongly about customer service!). After doing this for so long, adding wedding invitation services was a logical one for me!

I will devote half of my blogs to invitation & party etiquette. The rest of the time my blogs will still focus on other wedding related topics. Here are the invitation lines I am working with.



I have 2 online storefronts…one with Carlson Craft and the other with the remainder of the invitation & stationery companies. You can click on the above images to go directly to them.

For a limited time I will be offering 10% off all online and in-person orders (excludes Disney from Carlson Craft)! I will have a SPECIAL offer for brides that use my consulting services – 15% off all invitation & stationery orders (except Disney)!

Here is my current promotion as well (for in-person orders only):


I offer a huge selection of:

  • Shower Invitations
  • Bachelorette Party Invitations
  • Rehearsal Dinner Invitations
  • Wedding Invitations with Enclosures
  • Ceremony Programs
  • Save The Date Cards
  • Menu Cards
  • Place Cards
  • Stickers
  • Notecards
  • Thank You Cards
  • Personalized Items
invitations_roseanne_beckwedding_invitations_showers_bachelorettecarlson_craft_invitations_san_antonioContact me today to schedule an appointment or if you have any questions. I want to make your event a success! 210-595-9263,