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Wedding Venues – What to know and ask

10947212_10152938578565210_2045012686152028703_nCongratulations on your wedding! You just got engaged and you’re ready to start planning your wedding! This is the most exciting time of your life! What do you do first? The biggest expense of your wedding could easily be the venue at traditional locations. Those locations could be in a hotel ballroom, a building just for events, country clubs, historical buildings, museums, bed and breakfasts and restaurants. If you’re on a tight budget you could even have it at a church hall or at someone’s home. Lets dig deeper into all the details of choosing the perfect venue for you.


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First, you want to look at those venues that will give you the look and feel of the style you are wanting for your wedding but will allow you stay within your budget. There are a ton of places you can look at so the following information will help in narrowing down your search. How do I find those places? If you do a search for “San Antonio Wedding Venues” (enter your city) there will be directories of popular wedding websites where venues are listed. You can normally see pictures, more details of the place and price range as well. Here is an example of a great San Antonio wedding website with tons of great information, Asking your newly married friends could be a great way to gather information as well. They could tell you which ones they looked at or used that offered great deals, had good service and were easy to work with. Using a wedding coordinator can also be an asset for helping in gathering this information and making recommendations. Ultimately, though it will be couple’s decision in the venue they choose. Another creative way of gathering information is by asking photographers or videographers which venues they have had a great experience at before. They have been to many venues and probably have insights from those other weddings.

Something else to keep in mind is the catering. Some venues require you to use their in-house catering while with others you are allowed to bring in your own. You need to look  at their typical plate cost to see if the venue plus catering is in your budget. You can end up spending a lot more than you thought originally because of their menu pricing. However, you also need to look at what the venue is offering in terms of package discounts (some venue rental fees are even free with their in-house catering) and additional items (ex. linens, uplighting, table/chairs, centerpieces, etc.). You could end up saving money if those items are included into the price.  If you are thorough and research each venue carefully you can find one that fits in your budget and give you the look and feel you are wanting. Trust me!

What To Ask

You have narrowed down your search to a handful and now it is time to inquire with them about their packages and what is included. You can call and speak to the venue coordinator to get the initial information and then schedule a time to take a tour and see firsthand what the venue has to offer. It is important to ask the right questions to make sure you are getting the best package fit for your needs. If you can bring your wedding coordinator with you to the walk through I highly recommend that. They will know just the right questions to ask and what to look for. Here are example questions you’ll want to ask the venue coordinator:

How many guests will it hold (with table and chairs and dance floor)?

How many tables will fit? Types & size of tables?

Do they provide table and chairs (if so, what kind)?

Is set up and tear down of the table and chairs included in package?

Are linens included? If so, what colors?

Do they provide centerpieces? If so, what?

China included?

How many hours is included in the fee?

How much time do you have the day of to set up?

Is the AC on during this time?

Who cleans up?

How much time to tear down?

Is there a plan B for outdoor venues in case of rain? If so, what is it?

Is security required? If so, how many, who do we need to go through and what is their fee?

Do they have in-house catering? Or is outside allowed?

Liquor Rules?

Is dance floor included, extra or must be rented elsewhere?

How many people will the dance floor hold?

If having the ceremony at the same location you will need to find out about rehearsal time. Is it allowed, when and for how long?

Always ask the venue coordinator if there is anything else you need to know before leaving. You don’t want to miss out on anything!

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0028I love being a wedding coordinator in San Antonio! There are so many options when it comes to venue selection. We have the gorgeous Riverwalk with lots of hotel & historical locations. There are lots of Texas Hill Country options in the surrounding areas (ex. Boerne, Helotes, Castroville, La Vernia, Spring Branch, Comfort, etc.). There are beautiful museum options in the heart of San Antonio and also event rental venues all throughout the city. San Antonio definitely offers an option for every style – modern, romantic, traditional, rustic, Mexican, Victorian, etc.

If you need assistance in finding the perfect venue for your wedding, please contact me. I would LOVE to help you! Trudy, Royalty Events Planning, 210-595-9263, Go to my website to learn more about my services and go “LIKE” me on my FB page to keep up with events, wedding tips, pictures, and what I’m doing.

Should I hire a wedding coordinator?

austin_wedding_expo_2014Recently, I attended the Austin Wedding Expo and heard many great speakers talk about goal setting, marketing ideas, SEO tips, etc. One of the most interesting comments I heard there was by one of the speakers who stated, “Based on case studies, brides wish they would have hired a wedding planner (after the fact).” Hearing that is so frustrating as a wedding consultant in San Antonio, Texas. I went up to the speaker after the presentation and asked, “Well, how do you convince the bride BEFORE the wedding just how important planners are?” That’s a hard question to answer! Some brides will never get it but there is that small percentage that DO (thank you!). Here is a list of reasons to consider using a wedding planner & if hiring a wedding coordinator is the way to go – maybe I can convince those other brides.


  • Have you planned a wedding before? There is a lot that goes into it…someone experienced can guide you and save you a lot of time trying to figure it all out. Have you thought about your plan B if it rains or who is going to move all those chairs from the ceremony to the reception? I have! How much time goes into planning a typical wedding (10 months prior)? “Say I spend 5 hours a week thinking about, researching for and crafting the wedding – which is probably a conservative estimate. At 5 hours a week, 40 weeks of planning = 200 hours,” blog from Wedding Bee, Time Well Spent. Do you have this much time to plan? Wedding coordinators can cut that time in half!


  • If you opt to hire a wedding planner, you can focus on the fun details of planning the wedding while your wedding planner takes care of the technicalities. Do you really want to spend time on the phone with transportation companies and hotels?


  • I understand that planning your dream wedding is not cheap and you want a good deal on everything or you just don’t budget for it at all – like coordinators. However, couples need to keep in mind that this is one of the biggest days of their lives. I’ve been married for over 14 years and I still think back on all the details and the things I should have done for my wedding…I have regrets! I don’t want you to have regrets too! We really are essential for ensuring a smooth and stress-free day! Trust me, we are worth every penny!


  • Do you think that your family, friends and wedding party really want to be given tasks to do for your wedding? They may say they would love to help but is it really fair to ask them to do all this manual labor work? Wouldn’t you much rather have them around you relaxing and enjoying one another’s company as they come together to celebrate this very special day with you? Think about those memories!! A coordinator’s job is to make sure all these tasks are done so others can relax too.


  • So, going back to my question…how do I convince bride’s that consultants really are essential to have BEFORE their wedding? Here’s some reasons…vendor recommendations, give advice, review contracts (it seems like I always catch something), create timelines (I give one to the DJ, caterer & bride), do the leg work (calling vendors), attend rehearsal (make sure everyone knows what to do), pin boutonnieres & pass out flowers, ensure vendors arrive & set up, manage the entire event from start to finish, take care of problems (At one wedding I coordinated the toilet was overflowing in the bathroom….there I was with a plunger and cleaning up the floor so others wouldn’t slip – the bride never knew this!), load up cars with gifts and couple’s items, make sure vendors clean up (I want you to get your deposit back) plus so much more.

Consultants put in hours and hours of their time for each and every wedding they assist with. We love what we do and are passionate about it! I hope you will consider hiring an expert. I hope this blog has helped convince brides-to-be. If you need consulting or invitation services please contact Trudy Scott, 210-595-9263 or I service the San Antonio, Texas area.

Follow Up: I posted this blog on a Linked In Wedding Group and here are some comments I received. Pretty interesting….




Keeping It Cool At An Outdoor Wedding

Let’s face it…having an outdoor wedding during the summer months can be HOT! Maybe you got a great rate on a venue or you both are just very outdoorsy type of people, WONDERFUL! However, you need to be proactive in thinking about your guests that will attend & their comfort. Here are some ideas on how you can make your event more enjoyable during the hot summer months.large_mister_fan_wedding

  • Rent Port-A-Cool Units, Air Conditioners, Misting Fans, or Fans and place them strategically throughout the reception/ceremony. Having one near the bar and dance floor are the top 2 locations. The Port-A-Cool units can decrease the temperate from up to 10-15 degrees!  Most party rental places will have them and they aren’t as expensive as you might think. Great Events Full Service Event Rentals carries all of those in San Antonio.


  • Tents…need I say more? Shade is essential and sometimes you just can’t rely on the trees to give you all the shade you need. You never know where the sun might fall throughout the day and just how shady it will be. A tent will give you the security too if bad weather arises. There are so many types of tents, very basic to the extravagant. Rental companies have different sizes, shapes, & features to fit any budget.

water_station_wedding water_station_1_weddingwater_signs_wedding

  • Guests love beverage stations. This is essential for staying hydrated too! Make it fun and inviting by offering several types of beverages to choose from. The easiest way is to make flavored water with fruits, cucumber, mint, etc. Just slice and throw it in the water! How easy is that!! Having cute framed signs to tell the guests what each one is adds an extra touch too. I did that for one of my couples and they loved it!


  • Program Fans at the ceremony are not only great for sharing information about the ceremony but also to use for fanning yourself in the heat! Guests can then bring them with them at the reception and use them there as well. The above picture is from Carlson Craft offers a wide variety of these and you can receive 10% off by going through this link: program fans.

Royalty Event Parties is here to help! If you have questions about different wedding situations, wedding etiquette questions or need advice on the creative side, I am here for you! Give me a call at 210-595-9263 or email me at You can find me at Pinterest, Facebook, and my website:

Wedding Planning Etiquette: The Invitations

Planning your wedding is full of etiquette questions. This week I’m taking a look at the questions that come up in regards to invitations.

After you’ve created your guest list, you’ll need to let them know you want them at your wedding. While you might be excited to let everyone know about your big day, you should wait until six to eight weeks before your wedding to send out the actual invitations. If you want to send something out earlier, consider save the date cards.


Your invitation choice should reflect the style of your wedding, as they will give guests a hint about what they can expect on the big day. The invitations should also provide them with all the information they need to attend your wedding. This includes the basics, like date and location, but also details such as places to stay and dress code.

If you are planning a wedding website, use it to provide additional or non-essential information. Remember that many older family members won’t be comfortable finding everything out online. This is why it’s so important to have the vital details in the paper invitation.

Your invitations are a special piece of stationery, and your guests will be honored to receive them. To find out more about how to handle the etiquette of your invitations, or for help planning your San Antonio wedding, give me a call (210-595-9263) or contact me online.

Wedding Planning Etiquette: The Guest List

As you plan your wedding, you’ll come up against all sorts of etiquette questions. From who to invite to how to invite them, I’ll be tackling the most common dilemmas over the coming weeks. This week, I’m taking a look at guest lists.

Creating your guest list is something you’ll need to do early, and can be a huge struggle. First off, find out how many guests you can invite. This can be determined by the budget and your venue’s capacity.


It can be helpful to write down a big list of possible invitees, then put them into A, B, and C lists. The A list should be close family and best friends who are must-invites. The B list is your close friends and more distant family. The C list should include co-workers and others who you could cut from the guest list more easily.

At the end of the day, your guest list should be the people you most want to spend your wedding day with. If you and your fiance disagree about the guest list, talk about why you want to invite (or don’t want to invite) a particular person. In general, you shouldn’t invite any exes, or anyone who will make either of you uncomfortable.

If you’re planning an intimate wedding, be ready to explain this to friends who might feel slighted, but don’t give out invitations to anyone you don’t want to be there! If you do want more people than you can really afford, consider offering invitations to the evening celebration, where guests can pay for their own drinks.

For more advice about creating your guest list, give me a call today (212-595-9263) or contact me through my website.

Check back next week for my advice about invitations, including how to handle plus ones and kids!

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