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The Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

When it comes to planning your destination wedding, you always have to think about the pros and cons. This is especially true if you still haven’t planned anything to begin with. By taking a look at the pros and cons of a destination wedding, you’ll be able to choose which option is best for you.

U2m74A44cJPros of a Destination Wedding:

  • Simple– One of the best things about having a destination wedding is that it is a simpler option compared to one close to home. The reason behind this is because there are already a number of venues that offer packaged weddings. For this reason, you simply need to purchase the option you prefer and everything will be all set.
  • Relaxed– A good thing about destination weddings is the fact that everyone feels like they are in a relaxed atmosphere. Since they are in a place that’s anew to them, they will feel relaxed and at ease throughout the whole time. Also, destination weddings are attended by a small number of people. Most of the time, they are just the immediate family members of the couple. Since they already know each other, they will feel comfortable during the event.
  • Affordable- Lastly, the option of having a packaged wedding is more affordable compared to planning a wedding from scratch. And since the guests are the ones who shoulder their own accommodation and transportation, you won’t have to worry about this anymore.

Cons of a Destination Wedding:

  • Limited Number of Guests- One downfall to having a destination wedding is that you can only invite a few people. Even if you want to invite more, there is always a chance that they will decline; especially if the venue is somewhere very far. For this reason, you will only be inviting the ones who are closest to you and your fiancé.
  • Legalities- Another problem you will have to face when having a destination wedding has something to do with the legalities imposed in that country. If you are interested in having your wedding in another country, you will have to check with its requirements and ensure that you comply with the necessary paperwork.

If you really want to have a destination wedding, an option is to hire a wedding planner to help you with all the planning. Call us today so we can talk about your options. 210-595-9263.

Why Should You Have a Christmas Wedding?


During December, there are many people who choose to have a winter themed wedding. But contrary to their reasons for doing so, a winter wedding is actually a more expensive choice. Instead, it is really recommended that you have a Christmas wedding. If you are wondering what sort of benefit you can get from this, here are a few of them:

  • Cheaper Decorations – Compared to a winter wedding, you don’t have to worry about spending too much on your venue decorations. The reason for this is that during December, people will be decorating their homes and businesses with appropriate decorations in line with the upcoming holidays. As such, you don’t have to incur extra costs on decorations. All that’s left to do is enjoy the decorations and have your photos taken with them.
  • Alcohol is Not a Necessity – With any type of wedding, it can really get expensive to serve alcohol and have an open bar. During Christmas, however, you may opt for a hot chocolate bar. This will be a cheaper and more interesting option that all of your guests will really appreciate. At the same time, it will help in keeping everyone warm.
  • Everyone is in a Festive Mood – There really is something about weddings that makes everyone in a happier and festive mood. Plus if you hire a band to play some Christmas songs, they will really get into the festivities and take part in the ceremony.
  • Everyone can Have Fun – Another reason why you should have a Christmas wedding is because everyone will have fun with it. All you need to do is hang a mistletoe in the venue and everyone will be kissing each other in no time! This works best for people who secretly like each other.

My niece is getting married December 21st. She is on a budget and stayed well within her means. She got a great deal on a tented reception at the Botanical Gardens (with heaters). She will have a hot chocolate bar and small finger foods. She recruited her talented friends/family for help and she made decorations and even her own bouquet to help save money. I can’t wait to share photos!

Interested in having a Christmas wedding? Call me today so we can talk about your plans for your big day! 210-595-9263.


Inexpensive Venue Options for a Bridal Shower


Contrary to common belief, there is much to it about being a bridesmaid than just holding up the trail of the bride’s wedding dress. There are many who are unaware of the fact that bridesmaids are the ones who spend for the bridal shower and her dress. This is why many bridesmaids are searching for other options on how they can make the bridal shower an inexpensive yet memorable event.

If you are planning to host a bridal shower for your friend, you will need to do it wisely so that it will not be so expensive. One way you can do this is to be careful with your bridal shower venues. Since this is mostly where the expense goes to, make sure that you look for an inexpensive option if you can.

Here are some ideas:

  • Community Center – There may be one of you that reside in an apartment complex that has its own community center. You can rent this space as a venue at a cheaper cost because of that person.
  • Condo Unit – There might be one of the bridesmaids who own or rent a posh condominium unit. You can ask if she would be amenable to using the space for the occasion. You just have to make sure that you will not be making too much of a mess. If ever, you can repay her for the time you stay there.
  • Park – There are also some public parks that serve as a venue for private parties. You can check with your local park if this is something they are okay with. However, you have to make sure that there is no upcoming storm.
  • Mobile Party Service – If you’re planning to hit the night in the city, you can rent a mobile party service instead of a hotel room. This will be less expensive for you because you do not have to pay for transportation and the room itself.

There are so many options that you can consider for an inexpensive bridal shower venue. Check our Glam to Go mobile party service for your bridal shower. 210-595-9263.

How Can Your Pet Be Part of Your Wedding


Nowadays, it is considered a delight to see a dog be part of the wedding ceremony or reception. This is particularly true if the groom or bride considers the pet as part of the family. But because it is still not a common occurrence, there still needs to be a number of preparation steps to be done. If you are considering this, you will need to prepare with these things:

Prepare Your Pet

Before you decide whether or not your pet should take part in your wedding, you have to carefully assess his capability. You are the owner of your pet and you know him best. See to it that your pet will not feel agitated or stressed during the wedding so that you do not cause any problems with his temper. 


One important thing you need to do is to check if the venue for the ceremony and reception allow pets. There are certain wedding venues wherein pets are not allowed to be part of. If you are unable to secure pre-required permission, your pet might not be able to enter the venue.

Inform Your Guests

There might be someone in your guest list who is either afraid or allergic to dogs. Make sure you inform them right away that your pet will be part of the ceremony or reception. This way, they can prepare their medication if they are allergic to dogs.

You have to prepare if your pet will not be permitted to join the ceremony or the reception. Instead of this, you can have him join your engagement photos. But if you would like to have your pet with you during your wedding, necessary changes will have to take place. In June, Texas Dogs & Cats’ premier magazine in San Antonio focused on pets in weddings with lots of great ideas! You may call us so we can see how we may be able to help you with this concern. 210-595-9263.