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Importance of Wedding Timelines

email_postcard_timeline_1000As a new bride-to-be do you know what a “Day Of” timeline is? A timeline is the chronological order of events that occur the entire day of your wedding. It can start from when you wake up in the morning all the way until you leave the reception. When I create a timeline for my couple I like to know what/where they will be prior to the ceremony and always include that in the timeline. I include all the tiny details including when vendors are arriving to set up, special songs, names of those giving toasts, blessings or announcing, what the DJ will announce, when vendors leave and even details of when I will be loading the car with the gifts. Nothing is left out! I do this so everyone (the couple, vendors, & myself) are aware of what is to occur throughout the day so everything goes smoother and if something does go wrong we can correct it more easily.


Besides the “Day Of” Timeline, there are other timelines the wedding coordinator can create.

  • Bridal Party Timeline – Would include activities & duties of the bridesmaids & maid/matron of honor
  • Groomsmen’s Timeline – Same as bridesmaid’s
  • Vendor Timeline – A separate timeline that gives the vendors just the times/details of what they would need to know for the “Day Of”
  • “Week Of” Timelines – Great for destination weddings (planner & guests would have separate timelines)

I go a step further and supply the couple with the order of the processional for the ceremony. The list would consist of all the full names and phone numbers of the wedding party and those participating in the ceremony. I like to have their numbers just in case they are missing and I need to locate them.

I then create the list for the announcing of the wedding party for the reception. I give the DJ a copy of this a few days prior so he has time to figure out all the pronunciations of all the names. I also verify with the bride and groom how they want to be announced as entering. For example, I now present you with Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Shellie Smith.”

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