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The Wedding Party- Who to choose and what to wear? – San Antonio Wedding Coordinator

bridal_party_laughingPhoto provided by Mint Photography

One of the first things you’ll probably think of after getting engaged is who you’re going to ask to be a bridesmaid and groomsmen, right? It can be hard to narrow down your selection. You don’t want to hurt feelings. You think about who can afford to be in my wedding. Who is the closest to me? These were all questions I thought of because I had been in several friend’s weddings prior to my own wedding but knew that I wouldn’t be able to have them in mine just for the fact of I felt like I had too many already for the size of my wedding & the cost of it. If I had it my way I would have had 10-11 girls but kept it at 7. I couldn’t even narrow down a maid or matron of honor so I ended up with one of each!

What if there are more guys or girls on one side? That is perfectly fine! As a coordinator in San Antonio, I have seen this happen time and again. The simple way of making it work is having 2 groomsmen walking with 1 girl for the recessional, for example. That’s all! No harm.

Before asking any of your wedding party you need to first sit down with your fiancé and decide on how large you want the wedding party to be. If you want a small intimate wedding then having 7-8 each would be too many. Also, it is important that you pick a church/ceremony location that will be large enough for your wedding party to either stand at the altar or sit down in the front row. I’ve done some ceremonies where we had to have 2 rows on either side because their were 10+ each.

Get creative with the way in which you ask. Wouldn’t it be fun to hand deliver a small gift with an invitation inviting them to partake in your wedding. How fun! If you had an engagement party you could ask them while there and/or announce to everyone who they were.

Your Responsibility

IMG_6788Even though you are not responsible for paying for the wedding party attire you still need to keep in mind other expenses that are involved.

  • Their Bouquet/Boutonnierre
  • Their dinner at the rehearsal and reception and possibly for their guest
  • Their wedding party gift
  • Transportation Expenses to the reception

Some couples, as a nice gesture, might even pay a portion of the attire cost or provide the shoes or piece of jewelry for it.

The Attire

This brings us to the attire. You will want to research styles of current trends both online and in stores. I recommend looking online first and if you see a dress you really like (and the bridesmaids like) then call around to different stores in your area and see if they carry it or something very similar. That will save a lot of time. Please limit how many girls go with you to look at dresses. Everyone has different ideas as to what looks best on them. You will never get all the girls to agree on 1 dress. If your maid of honor likes it and a couple of others that go with you….note that dress as a good possibility. It will be your final decision to make, not theirs.


The maid/matron of honor doesn’t have to wear the same dress or color as the others. I see this a lot. What about having all the girls in a different shade of pastels or have a few dress options in the same color? How about everyone picking our their own black dress, you decide on length, for an evening wedding? In a past wedding I was in she did that and it worked out great! That way all body types will look good in something. I currently have a bride that really wanted a floral design on her dresses but couldn’t find anything so she is having a seamstress make her dress. I’ve been in weddings in the past where this happened. I remember even renting my dress at a wedding I was in. This would be a great affordable way for the girls. You know how the saying goes, you wear it once and never wear it again…it is true! I’ve been in 7 weddings and never wore my dress again.


IMG_7505For the groomsmen, decide on how formal you are wanting to go. I’ve seen a lot of styles with the guys too. Everything from pants with white shirts and suspenders to the tux. Suits are a very common choice right now and a lot of couples are choosing this option for the men. Bow ties are coming back and at my most recent wedding the groom looked so cute with his bow tie on! Have fun with the attire!! Make a statement!

Bella Bridesmaids and Debi’s Bridal, both of San Antonio, are great places for getting bridesmaid’s dresses. If you need some guidance on how to choose your wedding party or have any other questions about coordinating please contact me. I would love to help you! Trudy Scott, Royalty Events Planning, 210-595-9263 or

Royalty Themed Wedding Tips – San Antonio Weddings

001_1Today is my 15th wedding anniversary so I thought it was only fitting to write this blog about Royalty Weddings. Of course, I am going to relive mine a little in this blog…it’s a sentimental day! Since a little girl, I had a vision in my head as to what kind of dress I wanted for my wedding. It changed a little when I asked my soon-to-be husband what HE would love to see me in (and not see me in). He said anything but a lot of sequins, bling and crystals. I asked him if a little was ok and he said, “Yes.” So, that meant I would be paring down my look a little because that is what I had envisioned. I was ok with that. the tulle, fluffy dress was a must, though! The second change I made was the theme. Instead of it being just a traditional wedding my mom REALLY wanted me to use the Cinderella themed invitations. It wasn’t my top choice but I went with it, especially since she was paying for it and I saw the excitement in her with them. I truly do feel that God was showing me a glimpse into my future when I literally became Cinderella in my children’s party planning business. It was fate!

So, now for some tips for Royal touches you can incorporate into your own wedding without paying like Royalty. I was on a super tight budget and I made it work plus I have seen other couples with the same theme on a typical wedding budget as well.


Jenny & Zach’s wedding at Spinelli’s in Comfort, TX

1. The tiara! Every princess must have one. This past weekend my bride really surprised me when she wore a stunning gown and large tiara – she really did look like royalty!


2. Jewelry. No matter what your dress looks like you can always make a statement with gorgeous jewels (fakes are ok, too). The latest trend is the brooch bouquet.



Both photos from my wedding at Victoria’s Black Swan Inn, San Antonio, TX

3. The colors. In my wedding, I only used gold and ivory as my main colors with touches of color in the bridal bouquets. There were touches of Cinderella blue from figurines that family members had given me but that was it. Deep purple is a royal color and even red. Try one of those colors!


Castle-like venue at The Lambermont, San Antonio, TX.

SAMSUNGRoyalty head table at The Koehler House, San Antonio, TX

4. The venue. I had my wedding at Victoria’s Black Swan Inn. When I saw it for the first time I knew this was the place I had to have! I spent most of my budget on the venue so I sacrificed in other areas such as the centerpieces and linens. I used what the venue offered and because it was such a beautiful place it didn’t matter. Everything was so elegant and she had so many beautiful furniture and décor already that it made up for it.


The Yellow Rose Carriage Company offers beautiful carriages.

021_21This carriage was from my own wedding.

5. Horse and Carriage. I had to have one for my royal theme! It was a lot of fun and you can rent them for an hour and let the guests take carriage rides as well.

View More:

View More: By Reese can turn your wedding into royalty with their rentals.

View More: are so many royal-like invitations with my invitation services.

6. If you have it in the budget then some other ideas for a royal look would be the red carpet entering the venue, gold chargers with china, tall centerpieces that make a statement, gloves for the guys and girls, ice sculptures, uplighting, quartet for the ceremony, cocktail hour and possibly the dinner, upscale invitations with brooches, chiavari chairs, rented furniture for creating spaces, cigar bar, luxury vehicle for the send off, fireworks, etc. The ideas are endless!

If you would like to contact me to discuss your royal wedding ideas I would love to hear them! Trudy Scott, Royalty Events Planning, 210-595-9263, San Antonio wedding coordinator.

Tips for finding a wedding dress for less

bridalShhhhhh…can you keep a secret? I never told anyone how much I spent on my wedding dress (15 years ago) because I didn’t want them to think I was super cheap (even though I was). I had a very low budget to plan the wedding of my dreams and had to think creatively. With alterations, I only spent about $400 (not including accessories or shoes). How did I do it? Well, I went to a dress shop, known for budget dresses, and then scoured their clearance rack. I had asked my hubby what kind of dress he would like me in and he said nothing with a lot of rhinestones and bling. So, simple it was. My theme was literally Cinderella, so I knew I wanted a fluffy tulle dress with gloves. I actually found it on the clearance rack for around $300. It wasn’t until later that I realized it wasn’t a bridal gown at all but a fancy bridesmaid dress, go figure. It worked for me and I loved it!

brides against breast cancer




One organization that I support is Brides Against Breast Cancer. I have volunteered a couple of times when they have done a show here in San Antonio. The way it works is past brides donate their dress to this organization and then they travel across the nation and sell these dresses to other brides at a fraction of the cost through shows at mostly hotels. The best part is most of the proceeds go back to breast cancer research. A close friend of mine that was in my wedding, and I in hers, just won her battle with breast cancer and is in remission. I am a strong supporter of this organization.

wedding_dressSo, now that the internet is in full force there are a lot more choices than there was 15 years ago for searching for your bridal gown.  is a great website where past brides post their gown on their website and actually earn a commission if the dress sells. There are over 19,000 gowns from more than 350 different designers and nearly 30% of their listings are for new, unaltered, unworn gowns. They stated that typically a used wedding dress that’s 2.5 year or younger will sell for 50% of the retail. They also have listings for bridesmaid dresses, mother of the bride dresses, flower girl dresses and accessories.

100_3238Some other tips for purchasing an inexpensive dress are:

  • Purchase a simple dress and add accessories to it (i.e. sash, brooch, stand out jewelry, tiara, gloves, a wrap, etc.) to personalize it to your liking.
  • At any bridal shop go to the clearance rack for discontinued dresses or those dresses that have been tried on numerous times. Look for makeup marks are rips (the salesclerk might even make a better deal than what the sticker says).
  • Ask the sales clerk if they carry sample gowns at reduced prices. This might be your opportunity to actually get the exact dress you wanted from the bridal magazines.
  • Ask to see the slightly damaged dresses or the dresses that have been purchased by other brides and returned to the shop. They might agree to sell to you instead of avoiding the expense of returning it to the supplier.
  • Other locations to try – consignment shops, bridal outlet stores and even department stores (the formalwear and prom sections).
  • If worse comes to worse, think about borrowing a dress or renting it from a friend.

One last thing I want to mention is to please be careful when purchasing your dress online. There are a lot of fraud sites out there. Only buy from a reputable company. But, do keep in mind that you are purchasing a dress that you haven’t tried on and it could completely fit and look different on than in the picture.

bridal connectionThe Bridal Connection, a bridal shop currently located in Rolling Oaks Mall in San Antonio, Texas, will be moving to the Stone Oak area soon and I am super excited! They offer a lot of beautiful, high quality dresses and will work within your budget. Be looking for their grand opening.

If you need any other recommendations for your bridal gown purchase please call or email me at 210-595-9263 or I am a professional wedding consulting/invitation company in San Antonio. I am here to help with your wedding planning! Please go to my website for more information about my services and be sure to “like” my Facebook page to keep up with what is going on with Royalty Event Parties.

Wedding Dress Budgeting and Saving

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a parent or relative pay for it, the cost the wedding gown is your responsibility. You know what you can afford and you need to stay true to that. You are so tempted with bridal magazines and beautiful gowns on the mannequins, I know!royalty-dress

Buying your gown online might seem like a way to save money, but it is just too risky! Your wedding day is too important to chance purchasing a dress that looks beautiful in the picture but looks completely different on you. Think about how difficult it would be to alter a dress that is too small. What if the stitching was really bad. Don’t buy online!

There are ways to stick to your budget, and even save money on your wedding dress. First, always make sure you set an appointment up with the bridal shop. They will give you better service, believe me! When you arrive for your appointment, make sure you are clear and firm with the sales staff about your budget so they stick with that price. They will, of course, try to get you in the dress that is $1000 more — they want the sale, right? Start by trying on the cheapest dress first. You just might fall in love with a cheaper dress that you never imaged would be your dream dress and save lots of money!

After you’ve found the dress it isn’t over yet. You still have to get all the accessories that go with it. That can be hundreds of dollars more! There are shoes, jewelry, slip, undergarments, veil, headpieces, lavish sashes and alterations. They can really add up!


Before you buy the dress, be sure to ask for an estimate for alterations so you aren’t astonished later on. If they have to do a lot of intricate alterations it can easily add up to $300-500!


More Ways to Save:

  • Ask the bridal shop if they have any specials that are going on. Sometimes they want to get rid of their floor samples and will discount them.
  • Look for imperfections (a broken zipper, loose threading, beads missing, makeup on the dress). You can ask the salon to fix it for free or offer you a discount on the dress.
  • If you buy your dress and all the accessories at the same store they will be more willing to offer discounts.royalty-dress4
  • Look into trunk shows or special bridal parties – they might be offering a special discount there.
  • Always ask what’s included (a garment bag, pressing or steaming, delivery, etc.) so you don’t spend more money on items that you could have gotten free through th bridal shop.
  • Always be super courteous and friendly. They might be more willing to work with you on delivery dates, free items, and discounts if you are a “Kind Bride” instead of “Bridezilla.”

As you plan your big day, it can be a big help to have a professional planner on your side. As an experienced San Antonio wedding planner, I can help you stay on budget and get the wedding of your dreams! Please email or call me, 210-595-9263 or