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Groomsmen Duties: Are You Doing It Right?


Last week, we discussed the duties of the bridesmaid. Now, the tables have turned and it’s time to talk about the duties of groomsmen. We felt it was only fair that we did a separate entry on each so that readers will be able to identify with each of their role in the wedding. If you have recently been chosen to be one of the groomsmen in your friend’s wedding, you will need to know what you are supposed to do.

Duties of a Groomsman:

  • Help out in assisting other guests’ travel arrangements, especially if you reside in the area where the wedding will take place. This means that if there are guests who are arriving from another city, you need to help in finding accommodation for them.
  • As a groomsman, you are generally paired with one of the bridesmaids from the bridal entourage. Make sure that you do not concentrate on just one of these women though. See to it that if you will be helping someone, you will also help the others.
  • Help in planning the bachelor party. Even though this is generally the best man’s responsibility, there’s no harm in helping a brother out right? Who knows, you just might have a really interesting night.
  • Attend all the pre-wedding events. You have a role to fill and you need to do your part. Also, you need to participate during the engagement photos.
  • You are expected to be your friend’s personal advisor and assistant throughout the duration of the engagement and wedding itself. If you are a true friend of the groom, this will be no issue for you. After all, any friend will want to help out and make sure that his friend is making the right decision.
  • On the day of the wedding, you will need to be there with your friend. This means that he does not have to worry about anything. You have to make sure that he is well rested and calm during the big day. Help him with his tuxedo too!

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Bridesmaid Duties: What You Need to Know


So your best friend from College just called and announced that she’s getting married! You congratulate her and tell her that you’re really happy for her. Just as you’re about to end the call, she tells you that she chose you to be her bridesmaid. You tell her thank you and that you’re excited to be given that honor. And really, you’re thrilled. Just a little nervous about what bridesmaids really do.

What exactly do bridesmaids do? Here’s a rundown on your duties as bridesmaid:

Before the Wedding:

  • Help out with pre-wedding tasks. The soon-to-be bride will be very busy in a short amount of time. You will need to help her with your time and energy because there is only so much that she can do on her own. As a bridesmaid, you can volunteer to help in a specific task that you are comfortable with like recommending an affordable caterer or wedding invitation supplier. No matter how little help it is, it will already be major for her!
  • Share duties with other bridesmaids. Get in touch with the bride’s other bridesmaids and be in constant communication with them. Plan the bridal shower and the bachelorette party together. Offer to split the bill on these two occasions.
  • Check out some bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and shoes. Look for your own ensemble and make sure it coincides with the bride’s wedding details.
  • Attend rehearsals. Whether it’s the ceremony or dinner, make sure that you attend these.

During the Wedding:

  • Help the Maid of Honor. Especially if there isn’t a wedding planner in sight, make sure that you help the Maid of Honor with simple tasks she can no longer attend to: keep a record of the gifts, greet guests, bring the bride her requests, and many more.
  • Mingle with other people. If you’re single, make sure that you mingle with other guests. This includes dancing and possibly inviting strangers to dance with you. Who knows, that cute groomsman might be single too!

One last bridesmaid duty you need to fulfill is that you have to be there for the bride whenever she needs you. Yes, this means even when she’s getting the wedding jitters! You have to be there for her, not only because she chose you to be a bridesmaid, but because you’re her friend.

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5 Unique Wedding Ceremony Ideas

As a wedding planner in San Antonio I’ve seen (and planned) my share of wedding ceremonies.  When I got married over 13 years ago, it was rare to have a ceremony where a dog was the best man or a nontraditional song was played as the bride walked down the aisle.  Now a days, couples are opting for the “not so traditional” ceremony..and it’s a blast!


If you find yourself staring into space trying to figure out a ceremony that’s different than others here are a few ideas:

  1. Play a nontraditional song down the aisle.  Are you a diehard James Taylor or Beatles fan?  Why not dance your way down the aisle to one of their fun numbers?
  2. Ditch the traditional program and opt for something more creative.  A program is an important element for keeping your guests well educated about your wedding steps so why not make it memorable by using a program fan?  This is an excellent option for outside weddings to ward off the Texas summer heat.
  3. Choose an offbeat boutonniere. Who says that the groom and his men have to wear flowers on the left side of their chest?  Why not change it up a bit and pin on something unique.  If your groom is into golf why not pin on a golf tee.  Is he a beach lover?  Perhaps a small shell or starfish will make the ceremony memorable for all.
  4. Select a non-traditional wedding ring ‘pillow’. There is nothing written in stone that says your ring bearer must bring the rings on a pillow.  Why not add some flare and have him carry them tied to your favorite book?
  5. Have your bridesmaid sign the bottoms of your shoes before you walk down the aisle. An old wives tale tells us that the last signature still remaining after the evening is over will be the next one to walk down the aisle.  This is a fun and exciting way to involve your bridesmaid in the festivities and may or may not take the place of throwing your bouquet.

Whatever it is that you choose your wedding ceremony can certainly be unique.  You’re not faux pa for breaking tradition.  It’s being done all over the world.

If you’re still looking for inspiration, give us a call at 210-595-9263 and let’s chat about some ideas. Don’t forget that we’re here to help your San Antonio wedding be exactly how you envision it.

3 Tips for Selecting Perfect Bridal Shoes

Finding the perfect shoes for your wedding gown can be a daunting task. But you can find perfect bridal shoes with a little bit of planning.

wedding shoes

Here are 3 tips for selecting the perfect bridal shoes:

  • Fabric:  If matching your wedding dress and shoe fabric is important then make sure that your shoes are made up of a fabric similar to that of your dress. Now a days it’s not hard to find shoes made of raw silk, crepe or satin and most of the times you can find these from local bridal shops or ask your dress designer where to buy a matching pair of shoes.
  • Color:  White comes in many different shades. So this can be a problem for you if you don’t have a color swatch for your wedding dress. Take a color swatch from your dress designer and match it up with your shoe shade.
  • Wedding Venue:  This factor will dictate your choice of bridal shoes. If you are having a country garden venue then wear heel protectors. If you have booked a resort or historic venue for your wedding then ask them for their policy as many wedding venues ban stiletto heels in order to protect their carpets and wooden floor.

Keep these points in mind and you will be able to choose a perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day.  Have other questions? Call us at 2210-595-WAND and let’s chat.