Bridesmaid Duties: What You Need to Know


So your best friend from College just called and announced that she’s getting married! You congratulate her and tell her that you’re really happy for her. Just as you’re about to end the call, she tells you that she chose you to be her bridesmaid. You tell her thank you and that you’re excited to be given that honor. And really, you’re thrilled. Just a little nervous about what bridesmaids really do.

What exactly do bridesmaids do? Here’s a rundown on your duties as bridesmaid:

Before the Wedding:

  • Help out with pre-wedding tasks. The soon-to-be bride will be very busy in a short amount of time. You will need to help her with your time and energy because there is only so much that she can do on her own. As a bridesmaid, you can volunteer to help in a specific task that you are comfortable with like recommending an affordable caterer or wedding invitation supplier. No matter how little help it is, it will already be major for her!
  • Share duties with other bridesmaids. Get in touch with the bride’s other bridesmaids and be in constant communication with them. Plan the bridal shower and the bachelorette party together. Offer to split the bill on these two occasions.
  • Check out some bridesmaid dresses, accessories, and shoes. Look for your own ensemble and make sure it coincides with the bride’s wedding details.
  • Attend rehearsals. Whether it’s the ceremony or dinner, make sure that you attend these.

During the Wedding:

  • Help the Maid of Honor. Especially if there isn’t a wedding planner in sight, make sure that you help the Maid of Honor with simple tasks she can no longer attend to: keep a record of the gifts, greet guests, bring the bride her requests, and many more.
  • Mingle with other people. If you’re single, make sure that you mingle with other guests. This includes dancing and possibly inviting strangers to dance with you. Who knows, that cute groomsman might be single too!

One last bridesmaid duty you need to fulfill is that you have to be there for the bride whenever she needs you. Yes, this means even when she’s getting the wedding jitters! You have to be there for her, not only because she chose you to be a bridesmaid, but because you’re her friend.

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