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Why Should You Have a Christmas Wedding?


During December, there are many people who choose to have a winter themed wedding. But contrary to their reasons for doing so, a winter wedding is actually a more expensive choice. Instead, it is really recommended that you have a Christmas wedding. If you are wondering what sort of benefit you can get from this, here are a few of them:

  • Cheaper Decorations – Compared to a winter wedding, you don’t have to worry about spending too much on your venue decorations. The reason for this is that during December, people will be decorating their homes and businesses with appropriate decorations in line with the upcoming holidays. As such, you don’t have to incur extra costs on decorations. All that’s left to do is enjoy the decorations and have your photos taken with them.
  • Alcohol is Not a Necessity – With any type of wedding, it can really get expensive to serve alcohol and have an open bar. During Christmas, however, you may opt for a hot chocolate bar. This will be a cheaper and more interesting option that all of your guests will really appreciate. At the same time, it will help in keeping everyone warm.
  • Everyone is in a Festive Mood – There really is something about weddings that makes everyone in a happier and festive mood. Plus if you hire a band to play some Christmas songs, they will really get into the festivities and take part in the ceremony.
  • Everyone can Have Fun – Another reason why you should have a Christmas wedding is because everyone will have fun with it. All you need to do is hang a mistletoe in the venue and everyone will be kissing each other in no time! This works best for people who secretly like each other.

My niece is getting married December 21st. She is on a budget and stayed well within her means. She got a great deal on a tented reception at the Botanical Gardens (with heaters). She will have a hot chocolate bar and small finger foods. She recruited her talented friends/family for help and she made decorations and even her own bouquet to help save money. I can’t wait to share photos!

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