July 2012 archive

Turning in my Cinderella shoes…

Where to start…I play so many roles in my life. Being a loving wife and mother are my #1 priority but being there for my family and friends are pretty high on the list too. I make time for God everyday and try to live by his standards. I have challenges just like everyone else and I try to deal with those challenges in the best way I can. Starting a new business can be very challenging. There is so much work to be done…building a website, advertising, buying inventory, social media and lots more! I’ve been in the party/event planning business for over 7 years hosting birthday parties, MOPS events, Girl Scout programs, playdates, baby showers,  and bridal showers. The time has come for a new focus. A perfect idea came through a dream I had (literally)…WEDDING PLANNING!!  I’ve been in a ton and planned mine completely. Plus I love planning parties! It is a logical transition.

Now for the struggles…Everyone knows me as “The Princess of San Antonio” (my other business is Royal Tea Princess Parties) but now it is time to turn over my Cinderella shoes to the brides. I need a Fairy God Mother to wave her wand and magically have all of San Antonio brides know of me…I wish. Instead of being Cinderella, I guess I am the Fairy God Mother now and will make the magic myself, turning those brides into princesses. I currently am working with 4 wonderful brides. I love every moment I am helping them and LOVE what I do! I am dedicated to them and look forward to this rewarding career in the years to come!

I am excited to start this blog and I hope you will follow my journey as I talk more about myself, my career and my challenges in life. I hope to put a smile on your face and teach you things too. I look forward in sharing my fairytale through this blog. I am very excited to enter the world of blogging!!