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Wedding Success-Choosing the Right Vendors

Whatever wedding style you are planning, big or small, chances are you will need to hire at least one, if not several vendors.  Whether its a florist, cake decorator, caterer or other specialist, hiring the right person for the job is so important.  It can relieve anxiety knowing you can count on things being done correctly. And, the right vendor,can take the hum drum to the fabulous, which what you want, right?


For nearly all wedding vendors the greatest compliment they can receive is word of mouth recommendation.  That having been said be sure to ask your trusted family and friends who they used and if they would be happy to use them again.  You’ll gain a lot of knowledge this way as people love to share their experiences.

After asking around though, you’ll be much happier if you do the rest of your homework.  When you actually contact a potential vendor there is additional information you need to get before you decide to contract with them.  Here’s a partial list of things to ask:

  1. References!  Do they have some reviews on line to read?
  2. Can you see photos of previous events they have worked with?
  3. Be clear about the charges.  Are their services provided in the area of your wedding or will there be extra travel charges added on? If a deposit for services is made what arrangement is there to finish paying for services?
  4. When do their services actually start? and end? Does what they do involve any cleanup and do they provide this?
  5. This is probably THE most important tip:  Get it all in WRITING.  Don’t rely on a verbal agreement.  We are all forgetful in such a busy time.  This tip can save you hours of grief.

There is no question that to plan a wonderful time for you and your guests takes work and planning but it can all be done and still be an enjoyable time.  Here in the San Antonio area, Royal Events Parties, is here to help you coordinate all the steps and make your special day one you will have fond memories of forever.  Please give us a call at 210-595-WAND or email us at info@royaltyeventparties.com and let’s talk about your wedding.


Wedding Planning Etiquette: Using Email

I hope you liked the video I posted here last week! This week I’m returning to my series on wedding planning etiquette, looking at when it is and isn’t okay to use email in your wedding planning.

Email has made communication so much easier, and it can be a great way to keep on top of things with your weddings. However, it simply isn’t a stand in for traditional correspondence when it comes to your wedding.


Do use email to coordinate with your vendors. Oftentimes, having everyone on the same page is easier when you send out a group email.

Don’t use email to invite people to your wedding. A wedding invitation must be sent by mail, as a hard copy. This is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding, so make it beautiful!

Do use email for RSVPs. It’s still better to get RSVPs from guests in the mail, but allowing your guests to send their reply to you via email can mean less chasing as your reply date approaches.

Don’t use email to thank your guests. This is another thing that must be done by hand. A handwritten thank you note is so much more meaningful than something quickly dashed off on your iPhone!

Do use email to invite guests to your shower/bachelor party. These pre-wedding events are less formal, and an e-vite is often sufficient. Of course, a paper invitation is always better, but it isn’t required in the same way as the wedding invitation.

Remember that with anything you do by email, there will be some guests who don’t use email or don’t check it very often. It’s always better to go more formal as you plan your wedding, so when in doubt, don’t email.

To find out more about wedding planning etiquette, or to find out how I can help plan your San Antonio wedding, give me a call (210-595-9263) or get in touch through my website today!

Wedding Etiquette: Who Pays for What?

While it used to be the tradition for the bride’s family to pay for the wedding, that’s no longer the case. Figuring out who will pay for what can be an etiquette dilemma. Here’s how to approach the subject.


  • Be realistic: It’s possible to have a fabulous wedding on any size budget, and you’ll be much less stressed if you go into planning being realistic. Think about what you and your fiance can realistically spend yourselves and work within that figure.
  • Be grateful: When you announce your engagement, your families might offer to pay for specific parts of your wedding. Don’t take this for granted, and be thankful. It might mean relinquishing control over part of the planning, so decide which is more important to you — the help paying or the control.
  • When in doubt, ask: If you aren’t sure whether your family has money set aside for your big day, ask them. It’s far better to have one slightly awkward conversation before you start planning than to find yourself in huge amounts of debt because you didn’t.

Whether you’re paying for your wedding or it’s a group effort, working with a wedding planner can help you save money. To find out more about how I can help plan your San Antonio wedding, give me a call today (210-595-9263) or get in touch through my website!