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San Antonio Wedding & Color Inspiration Boards


inspiration board_kimLast September, I wrote a blog, “Choosing colors for your wedding based on symbolism.” It ties in with this blog in the fact that I have created a new category on my website called, “Inspirations & Tools.” I created a page, Event Inspiration Boards,  where I designed wedding inspiration boards from past clients to show a wide variety of style, themes, colors and ideas that you can create for your wedding. I did talk about each of the weddings in what their inspiration was.

color_trend_navy/coral.inddAnother page I created was, “How Color Inspires“, where it ties more into this blog. I used wedding inspiration boards provided by Carlson Craft Invitations (a company I use for my own invitation services) with many color palettes. I also listed color symbolism for most of the colors and also mentioned the Pantone colors of the year. Be sure to click on the link to find out what those colors are…hint, hint.

Under “Wedding Tools“, I have several links to pdf’s where it can help you with the planning process. I do intend on adding more links to other pertinent information soon.

I know how stressful planning a wedding can be. I truly am here for you and will be there for you through it all! If you need help please contact me. I would love to learn more about you and what your dream wedding is! Trudy, 210-595-9263 or

Here is the previous blog, “Choosing colors for your wedding based on color symbolism” from September 19, 2014.


Photos provided by Daniel W. Torres Photography

Can’t decide on a color palette for your wedding? Why not decide on your wedding colors based on the symbolism of that color to incorporate some meaning into your wedding! Here is a list of positive connotations in helping you decide.

Red – passion, love, celebration, joy and good luck
Pink – romance, charm and tenderness
Orange – energy, vibrance, warmth, change
Yellow – happiness, cheerfulness, peace, courage, hope and faith
Blue – loyalty, fidelity, unity, peace, eternity
Green – life, nature, fertility, abundance, hope and equality
Violet/Purple – royalty, mystery, spirituality
Silver – richness, purity
Gold – life, prosperity, royalty

From Wedding Invitations by Jennifer Cegielski

I suggest you tie it together with printed signs at the reception, a note in your invitation, pictures depicting the symbolism at your wedding events, etc., to let the guests know why you chose the colors you did.

Something to keep in mind…

You can see from these inspiration boards how colors can change the entire feel and look of your wedding. Color can warm the space up to give an intimate setting or brighten the room up to give a more light and airy feel. Choosing your color combinations are important and if you are having trouble trying to decide have a wedding planner help you. As myself being a wedding coordinator/planner, I would ask important questions about what style, feeling and experience you are trying to portray with your wedding and recommend color combinations that go together. If there is a special tie to certain colors based on family customs/beliefs, special memories, etc., I would want to know that as well.


Photos provided by Daniel W. Torres Photography

The Pantone color for 2014 is Pantone 18-3224 Radiant Orchid. Use this color for a trendy, popular look. Why not try something different? Ultimately, the colors come from the couple and what you like. Get creative!

P.S. Be sure to incorporate your colors into your invitations and all your stationery too. Currently, I am offering 10% off all orders (except Disney) and 15% off for those using my consulting services. Call me to schedule your in-person appointment.

As a professional wedding consultant in San Antonio, Texas I have seen all different kinds of styles and colors for weddings. If you would like to discuss your wedding I am here for you! I always offer a free consultation so you have nothing to loose! Please contact me at 210-595-9263 or email me at

Catering Ideas For Every Style Wedding




Hi Brides. In my next several blogs I will be taking you through the process of planning your wedding. I want to help those brides that are lost in the planning process and give them some guidance. I hope these blogs will help! My previous blog was Wedding Venues – What to know and ask when picking the perfect venue. I hope you used it when choosing your venue. If you still haven’t gotten that far with your planning please go back and read it first.

After you have the venue and date set then what I recommend is making a list of what is most important to least important about your wedding. Normally, the catering will be the 2nd highest expense so I recommend you tackle that part of your wedding next. Then go down the list you’ve made (ex. photography, DJ, videography, photo booth, etc.). I decided to bring back a post I wrote last summer about different options of catering you can have for the reception. There are several ways to serve your food based on your budget, being practical, being creative and the style you want to have. Here is an article by The Knot on Questions to ask your caterer.  One question that I always ask that isn’t listed is will they be at the reception the entire evening to bus tables and clean up. This is very important because you don’t want to have to do this yourself. Some caterers charge an additional fee to do this but it is WELL WORTH IT! If you need help with choosing your catering option I would love to help you! Please contact Trudy. Enjoy the blog!

I always have couple’s wondering what food they should serve and how it should be served at their wedding reception. There are so many options. For the couple that has an extravagant budget I always recommend a cocktail hour with open bar, signature drinks (hers and his) and passed horsd’oeuvres. Then a sit down meal because the guests can spend time talking with each other at their table and can relax as they are served (no getting up). Depending on the budget, there can be 3-5 courses served. Guests love this!

Well, what about the couples that are on a tighter budget? After the cost of the venue, catering is typically the 2nd highest amount a couple will spend on their wedding. There are lots of choices and ways of saving money with your catering.

dessert_table_aqua_cream_pink love_is_sweet_banner_frame

1. A midafternoon or after dinner cocktails and dessert reception is perfectly fine to do and a great way of saving a lot of money! This choice is fun, elegant and an affordable alternative to the traditional sit down dinner. Offer stations of desserts and fun themed foods. How about a pasta bar or a Tuscan table filled with breads and array of cheese, crackers and olives. A Mexican themed station with fajitas, chips, queso and guacamole can never go wrong either in San Antonio, Texas! For other tables have an array of desserts tailored to the theme of your wedding. The guests will enjoy visiting each table!


2. Buffets are a very popular choice for couples. They are usually less expensive than a sit down dinner because less wait staff is needed and if you double up on the lines then getting through the lines can be quicker. The trick is filling the buffet with two-thirds budget dishes and one-third pricier meat dishes to keep the costs down. Chicken is a lower cost meat choice and you can choose a recipe with sauces and/or crusts that turn the dish into a fabulous choice. Fresh salads and breads are low cost choices too. Most caterers will have wait staff serving the guests so proportions are served equally and food amounts are accurate. You would hate to run out of certain items by guests serving themselves! Having a person assigned to release tables is also recommended so the flow runs smoothly and the guests can wait at their table until it is their turn to get in line. A wedding coordinator is the perfect person to do this.

chocolate fountain mcnay

3. Dinner/food stations are a trendy option for some couples. This is a fun way for guests to try foods they normally don’t eat. So, be creative in selecting the type of foods – it will look like you spent a lot more than you did! Having 3-4 food stations positioned throughout the venue will give a flow for the guests to move around. Food stations work well for the larger wedding where there are many guests. You would let your guests get up as they like and go through the stations they want at their leisure. You can keep the food stations open longer than a buffet and guests can graze at it during the evening.


4. Hand-passed meals at the table are very affordable. Did you know that guests tend to eat less with passed meals then a buffet? Maybe they don’t want to feel greedy by taking all the food from the other guests. If you decide to just do a cocktails reception you can make the event look elegant with several hand-passed horsd’oeuvres options nicely presented on silver trays by the wait staff. For a casual wedding, an even cheaper option is going to a discount warehouse and purchasing cheese and fruit trays and just leaving on the tables. Be careful, though, because this will not go over well at a more formal event.

My favorite part of the planning process with my couples is the taste testing that most caterers offer. Be sure to take part in this so you get the food you want. If you have any questions or need help with caterer options please contact Trudy Scott at 210-595-9263 or I offer wedding coordination fit for a princess!

Ideas For The Wedding Send Off

As a planner, the last thing that the couple thinks about is the send off of their wedding but it is important in tying the entire evening together and saying, “Goodbye,” to the couple right before they drive away. They always ask me for ideas. Many venues are restrictive on what they allow so it takes some creativity to plan the perfect ending to a perfect night.


I think that sparklers are the #1 idea for send offs. I did it at my wedding and as a planner, I have seen it done time and time again. Some venues are more lax than others if they will allow them or not (inside the city). So, before buying them check with the venue. You’ll want to light all the sparklers before the couple comes out but be sure the couple is right outside of the door waiting to exit. You don’t want your sparklers to go out before they have a chance to leave.

wedding sparklers

Heart Shaped sparklers

wedding party poppers


With this post, I would like to announce that I am selling sparklers and party poppers for your special event! You can purchase them on my website here: There are different sizes and burn times available. I even have heart shaped sparklers!


Glow items I would say are the #2 most popular send off item. What’s great about glow jewelry is that you can bring them out during the dancing part of your reception and enjoy it earlier in the night too. They glow for hours so it will still be good at the end of the night. Then, for the send off, you can take off your necklace or bracelet and then twirl them around as the couple exits. It looks amazing! Some even throw them, even though I do not advise that (hahaha). The bride above used glow sticks that turned on and off. This made for a great wedding favor to take home!


The most traditional and 3rd favorite is the bubbles. Couples that just want something as a send off but don’t want the hassle of purchasing something unique will go to a craft store and pick up a few boxes of bubbles pretty inexpensively. They are super cheap and easy. A great tip with bubbles is to have the guests start blowing the bubbles just before the couple exits so there will be lots of bubbles for the pictures.

wandsHere’s another unique idea: I had a couple purchase personalized ribbon that had their name and wedding date on it with small bells attached at the top to a stick for waving. What I loved about this was that it made noise and it was very eye appealing for a great look (for the pictures).


IMG_7176Couples love limos or vintage vehicles for their get away car. I had one couple that borrowed a 1920’s car from a friend and boy was it a hit!! A horse and carriage is fun too. That is what I did for my own wedding. I have been in 6 weddings myself and I’ll never forget the getaway car one of my friend’s had…I don’t even know what it was called….I guess it was a truck that they turned the back into a covered country hay ride type experience. It was a lot of fun (we rode in it with the couple to the reception).


If you need assistance in trying to figure out the perfect end to a perfect day call Trudy Scott, Royalty Event Parties, 210-595-9263. I LOVE weddings and it shows in the way I take care of my couple. I’ll be there for you every step of the way! 

5 Budget Ideas For Fabulous Guest Tables

Every bride has a vision about her wedding and how she wants the reception to look and feel. Here are 5 ideas on ways you can still have your table décor look fabulous at your wedding reception even when you are on a budget.

candles1. Use various sized candle holders & vases to create a dramatic look for evening weddings. Putting water in the taller vases with a floating candle will add “sparkle” to the table from the reflection of the water and candles. This centerpiece was from a past bride who got married at the Westin Riverwalk in San Antonio.

DSC_01502. Use the bridal bouquets as centerpieces for the head table or even on the guest tables. Purchase plastic vases and you can save a fortune! These gold vases were plastic and you couldn’t even tell. McNay Art Museum, San Antonio.

hydrangeas centerpieces votives wedding table

hydrangeas centerpieces votives wedding table

3. Hydrangeas are great filler flowers and come in a variety of colors. Use a few in a vase with a little of greenery & even some twigs you find in your yard and you have a very beautiful, yet inexpensive centerpiece. Add petals and votives for a nice addition to the table as well.

vintage pearls picture wedding reception table

vintage pearls picture wedding reception table

4. This past bride of mine wanted an antique feel to her reception. For the tables she added faux pearls place around the table along with picture frames she had gotten at a dollar store. Because some of the flowers were out of season that the bride wanted, the florist mixed in some faux flowers in the centerpiece. Can you tell which are the fake ones? No one ever knew.

various vases inexpensive flowers doilies budget table

various vases inexpensive flowers doilies budget table

5. This bride was on a very tight budget. She collected various sized vases from garage sales, dollar tree, and food containers to create a collage as the focal point. She then use cheaper flowers and baby’s breath to give the vintage look she was going for. The paper doilies & votive add the last touch to the table & tie the colors together. Simple but cute! Botanical Gardens, San Antonio.

I have so many more ideas for budget friendly décor. If you would like to ask me a question about your wedding please feel free to contact me., 210-595-9263.

Top Trends for 2014, Part Two

Last week, we took a look at five of the big trends for 2014 weddings. This week, we’ll discuss the rest of the trends that The Knot’s Laura Cave presented at the Austin Wedding Market Expo.

Modern Geometrics


Going along with the fabulous Art Deco theme, we’ll also see plenty of geometric styles. This will include different shapes for table settings and unique cakes. The modern styles will also show up in finishing touches, like sugar-rimmed glasses, bright floral designs, and pop art.

Emerald Green


Emerald was named the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013, and the influence will continue in 2014. From Wizard of Oz themes to forest themes, expect to see lots of deep green tones in 2014 weddings.

Couture Cocktails


The signature cocktail trend will take a high-end turn in 2014. This will include gold and silver sugar-rimmed glasses, savory cocktail flavors, and build your own cocktail bars.

Reception Lounges


Whether your wedding is modern, traditional, or vintage, lounge areas will be the perfect choice for 2014. Give your guests a sumptuous place to relax using drapery, tenting, pillows, and other personalized accessories.

Guest Entertainment


This has been a growing trend over recent years, and is still going strong. Along with the entertainment ideas that have become standard for 2013, including photo booths and food trucks, look for unique ideas that are special for your big day.

If you’re looking for help in planning your 2014 San Antonio wedding, give us a call today!

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