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The Hottest 2014 Trends for Texas Brides

While we’re still in the middle of the 2013 wedding season, it’s also time to start looking ahead to the big trends for 2014 weddings. I was recently at the Austin Wedding Market Expo, where the fantastic Laura Cave from The Knot spoke about 2014 Wedding Trends.

Wedding trends come from a lot of places. These include celebrity weddings, fashion, technology, social media, and real life inspiration. For 2014, many of the trends include a more causal feel with an emphasis on fun.

Here are five of the big trends for 2014:

Deco Chic

From décor to attire, the glamour of the 1920s will continue to be big in 2014. Along with the Great Gatsby-inspired style, expect to see a lot more Art Deco influence.

English Romance

royalty-teaThe elegance of England is going to be popular, with tea party themes and garden weddings being a great twist on vintage styles. This trend will also show up through attire, with plaid and corduroy suits for the men and parasols for the women.

Homestead Elegance


Rustic will take an elegant turn in 2014. This popular theme includes soft, feminine touches to hairstyles, flowers, and décor.

Technology Showdown


Plugged-in weddings will be a big trend, with couples using hashtags and Instagram photobooths to get great photos from their guests.

Farm to Fork



The big trend for wedding menus in 2014 will be fresh, organic, and green. Food quality is hugely important, and couples are opting for farm fresh food for their big day.

Of course, there are more than five big trends for 2014! Check back next week to see part two of the top trends.

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