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Should I hire a wedding coordinator?

austin_wedding_expo_2014Recently, I attended the Austin Wedding Expo and heard many great speakers talk about goal setting, marketing ideas, SEO tips, etc. One of the most interesting comments I heard there was by one of the speakers who stated, “Based on case studies, brides wish they would have hired a wedding planner (after the fact).” Hearing that is so frustrating as a wedding consultant in San Antonio, Texas. I went up to the speaker after the presentation and asked, “Well, how do you convince the bride BEFORE the wedding just how important planners are?” That’s a hard question to answer! Some brides will never get it but there is that small percentage that DO (thank you!). Here is a list of reasons to consider using a wedding planner & if hiring a wedding coordinator is the way to go – maybe I can convince those other brides.


  • Have you planned a wedding before? There is a lot that goes into it…someone experienced can guide you and save you a lot of time trying to figure it all out. Have you thought about your plan B if it rains or who is going to move all those chairs from the ceremony to the reception? I have! How much time goes into planning a typical wedding (10 months prior)? “Say I spend 5 hours a week thinking about, researching for and crafting the wedding – which is probably a conservative estimate. At 5 hours a week, 40 weeks of planning = 200 hours,” blog from Wedding Bee, Time Well Spent. Do you have this much time to plan? Wedding coordinators can cut that time in half!


  • If you opt to hire a wedding planner, you can focus on the fun details of planning the wedding while your wedding planner takes care of the technicalities. Do you really want to spend time on the phone with transportation companies and hotels?


  • I understand that planning your dream wedding is not cheap and you want a good deal on everything or you just don’t budget for it at all – like coordinators. However, couples need to keep in mind that this is one of the biggest days of their lives. I’ve been married for over 14 years and I still think back on all the details and the things I should have done for my wedding…I have regrets! I don’t want you to have regrets too! We really are essential for ensuring a smooth and stress-free day! Trust me, we are worth every penny!


  • Do you think that your family, friends and wedding party really want to be given tasks to do for your wedding? They may say they would love to help but is it really fair to ask them to do all this manual labor work? Wouldn’t you much rather have them around you relaxing and enjoying one another’s company as they come together to celebrate this very special day with you? Think about those memories!! A coordinator’s job is to make sure all these tasks are done so others can relax too.


  • So, going back to my question…how do I convince bride’s that consultants really are essential to have BEFORE their wedding? Here’s some reasons…vendor recommendations, give advice, review contracts (it seems like I always catch something), create timelines (I give one to the DJ, caterer & bride), do the leg work (calling vendors), attend rehearsal (make sure everyone knows what to do), pin boutonnieres & pass out flowers, ensure vendors arrive & set up, manage the entire event from start to finish, take care of problems (At one wedding I coordinated the toilet was overflowing in the bathroom….there I was with a plunger and cleaning up the floor so others wouldn’t slip – the bride never knew this!), load up cars with gifts and couple’s items, make sure vendors clean up (I want you to get your deposit back) plus so much more.

Consultants put in hours and hours of their time for each and every wedding they assist with. We love what we do and are passionate about it! I hope you will consider hiring an expert. I hope this blog has helped convince brides-to-be. If you need consulting or invitation services please contact Trudy Scott, 210-595-9263 or I service the San Antonio, Texas area.

Follow Up: I posted this blog on a Linked In Wedding Group and here are some comments I received. Pretty interesting….




Importance of Wedding Timelines

email_postcard_timeline_1000As a new bride-to-be do you know what a “Day Of” timeline is? A timeline is the chronological order of events that occur the entire day of your wedding. It can start from when you wake up in the morning all the way until you leave the reception. When I create a timeline for my couple I like to know what/where they will be prior to the ceremony and always include that in the timeline. I include all the tiny details including when vendors are arriving to set up, special songs, names of those giving toasts, blessings or announcing, what the DJ will announce, when vendors leave and even details of when I will be loading the car with the gifts. Nothing is left out! I do this so everyone (the couple, vendors, & myself) are aware of what is to occur throughout the day so everything goes smoother and if something does go wrong we can correct it more easily.


Besides the “Day Of” Timeline, there are other timelines the wedding coordinator can create.

  • Bridal Party Timeline – Would include activities & duties of the bridesmaids & maid/matron of honor
  • Groomsmen’s Timeline – Same as bridesmaid’s
  • Vendor Timeline – A separate timeline that gives the vendors just the times/details of what they would need to know for the “Day Of”
  • “Week Of” Timelines – Great for destination weddings (planner & guests would have separate timelines)

I go a step further and supply the couple with the order of the processional for the ceremony. The list would consist of all the full names and phone numbers of the wedding party and those participating in the ceremony. I like to have their numbers just in case they are missing and I need to locate them.

I then create the list for the announcing of the wedding party for the reception. I give the DJ a copy of this a few days prior so he has time to figure out all the pronunciations of all the names. I also verify with the bride and groom how they want to be announced as entering. For example, I now present you with Mr. and Mrs. Daniel and Shellie Smith.”

If you would like to find out more about my services please call me at 210-595-WAND (9263) or visit my website at

3 Tips for Selecting Perfect Bridal Shoes

Finding the perfect shoes for your wedding gown can be a daunting task. But you can find perfect bridal shoes with a little bit of planning.

wedding shoes

Here are 3 tips for selecting the perfect bridal shoes:

  • Fabric:  If matching your wedding dress and shoe fabric is important then make sure that your shoes are made up of a fabric similar to that of your dress. Now a days it’s not hard to find shoes made of raw silk, crepe or satin and most of the times you can find these from local bridal shops or ask your dress designer where to buy a matching pair of shoes.
  • Color:  White comes in many different shades. So this can be a problem for you if you don’t have a color swatch for your wedding dress. Take a color swatch from your dress designer and match it up with your shoe shade.
  • Wedding Venue:  This factor will dictate your choice of bridal shoes. If you are having a country garden venue then wear heel protectors. If you have booked a resort or historic venue for your wedding then ask them for their policy as many wedding venues ban stiletto heels in order to protect their carpets and wooden floor.

Keep these points in mind and you will be able to choose a perfect pair of shoes for your wedding day.  Have other questions? Call us at 2210-595-WAND and let’s chat.

Wedding Planning Etiquette: Using Email

I hope you liked the video I posted here last week! This week I’m returning to my series on wedding planning etiquette, looking at when it is and isn’t okay to use email in your wedding planning.

Email has made communication so much easier, and it can be a great way to keep on top of things with your weddings. However, it simply isn’t a stand in for traditional correspondence when it comes to your wedding.


Do use email to coordinate with your vendors. Oftentimes, having everyone on the same page is easier when you send out a group email.

Don’t use email to invite people to your wedding. A wedding invitation must be sent by mail, as a hard copy. This is the first impression your guests will have of your wedding, so make it beautiful!

Do use email for RSVPs. It’s still better to get RSVPs from guests in the mail, but allowing your guests to send their reply to you via email can mean less chasing as your reply date approaches.

Don’t use email to thank your guests. This is another thing that must be done by hand. A handwritten thank you note is so much more meaningful than something quickly dashed off on your iPhone!

Do use email to invite guests to your shower/bachelor party. These pre-wedding events are less formal, and an e-vite is often sufficient. Of course, a paper invitation is always better, but it isn’t required in the same way as the wedding invitation.

Remember that with anything you do by email, there will be some guests who don’t use email or don’t check it very often. It’s always better to go more formal as you plan your wedding, so when in doubt, don’t email.

To find out more about wedding planning etiquette, or to find out how I can help plan your San Antonio wedding, give me a call (210-595-9263) or get in touch through my website today!

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