Wedding Success-Choosing the Right Vendors

Whatever wedding style you are planning, big or small, chances are you will need to hire at least one, if not several vendors.  Whether its a florist, cake decorator, caterer or other specialist, hiring the right person for the job is so important.  It can relieve anxiety knowing you can count on things being done correctly. And, the right vendor,can take the hum drum to the fabulous, which what you want, right?


For nearly all wedding vendors the greatest compliment they can receive is word of mouth recommendation.  That having been said be sure to ask your trusted family and friends who they used and if they would be happy to use them again.  You’ll gain a lot of knowledge this way as people love to share their experiences.

After asking around though, you’ll be much happier if you do the rest of your homework.  When you actually contact a potential vendor there is additional information you need to get before you decide to contract with them.  Here’s a partial list of things to ask:

  1. References!  Do they have some reviews on line to read?
  2. Can you see photos of previous events they have worked with?
  3. Be clear about the charges.  Are their services provided in the area of your wedding or will there be extra travel charges added on? If a deposit for services is made what arrangement is there to finish paying for services?
  4. When do their services actually start? and end? Does what they do involve any cleanup and do they provide this?
  5. This is probably THE most important tip:  Get it all in WRITING.  Don’t rely on a verbal agreement.  We are all forgetful in such a busy time.  This tip can save you hours of grief.

There is no question that to plan a wonderful time for you and your guests takes work and planning but it can all be done and still be an enjoyable time.  Here in the San Antonio area, Royal Events Parties, is here to help you coordinate all the steps and make your special day one you will have fond memories of forever.  Please give us a call at 210-595-WAND or email us at and let’s talk about your wedding.


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