How to choose the perfect San Antonio wedding photographer

I hope you are keeping up with my blogs. I am going to walk you through the process of planning your wedding. I know how planning a wedding can be overwhelming and you don’t know what questions to ask, tips to save money and which vendors to choose. As an experienced wedding consultant I can guide you to planning the PERFECT wedding you have always dreamed of. In my last 2 blogs I talked about choosing your venue and catering options. I hope you have checked that off your list of “To Do’s.”

The first thing I always tell a couple when planning their wedding is to make a list of the most important to the least important items they want to include in their wedding. I use this as a guide in choosing vendors, especially when the budget is very tight. By seeing it in writing it helps the couple realistically look at every aspect of the wedding and when they just don’t have anymore money left for the last item on the list, they are ok with that. They see all the other great items on the list that they did get. It is also important to keep track of your budget. offers a great tool for keeping track of your budget. Here’s the link. As a planner I can do that for my couples.


So, lets say that photography is the next most important aspect of the wedding they listed after the venue and catering. The questions I always ask a couple is, “What is your style you are trying to show with your wedding?” There are modern weddings, rustic/country, vintage, Victorian, themed, traditional, simple, romantic, beachy (photo above by David Keith Photography), etc. Once I know their style then I can narrow down the search for photographers. If the couples have a certain budget they want to stay within I’ll find that out as well. If photography is at the top of the list I can pretty much figure they are ok with spending anywhere up to $4000 for a great photographer. Don’t worry, though. There are many photographers out there that are just as good and have lower pricing (maybe they aren’t as experienced or offer smaller packages).


For some photographers, they are photojournalists. They have gone to school for photography and they are very creative in the way they take pictures. Their pictures are edited a little more than others and they might have added elements to the pictures that add a dramatic flair. I absolutely love this kind of photographer!



Some photographers are a little more laid back in their work but still offer exceptional quality. Their pictures are very casual, less formal, candid shots. The glow of the sun or the tones and colors of the images might show a more elegant feel to the pictures too. Here are a couple of samples from 2 different photographers. The 2nd photo is from Mint Photography.

b&gView More:

Another style I have seen in photographers is the crisp, modern feel of the pictures. The images are sharp and give a more traditional feel to the photograph.

After viewing some samples of their work you’ll want to review their packages. Here are some questions you’ll want to ask a photographer when trying to decide on the perfect photographer for your wedding:

  •  Does the package include 2 photographers (or an assistant)?
  • How many hours will I have the photographer(s)?
  • Will each photographer be at different locations for the “getting ready” time – one with the bride and the other with the groom?
  • Are the photos edited? If so, how are they edited and how many will be edited?
  • How long does it take to get back my pictures?
  • Will I have the print rights of the photos to do what I like afterwards with them?
  • Will the photos be on a disc for me or only online? Will my guests have to pay for prints if they want them?
  • Does the package include an engagement and/or bridal portrait session? Will I receive a print with that?
  • If I need the photographer longer than the package includes how much extra will it be?
  • Will the photos be stored in a safe place if I loose them in the future? How will they be stored?
  • What is the deposit and when is payment due?
  • Do you offer videography with your package (sometimes you can get a discounted rate with both services)?
  • Are there any travel fees or other costs I need to know about?
  • If I don’t need something included in your package can I take it off and the price be lowered? (ex. an album, prints, cd)

wed 11

Some of my couples can’t decide which package is best for them. If you can’t afford the unlimited hours package then you can choose a lower package with limited hours and either have them start when the ceremony begins to save some time at the beginning or have them leave after all the important moments are done (usually after the garter/bouquet toss). Some photographers will do a “fake” send off so the couple still gets pictures from what would have happened at the end. Here is an example of a picture a couple took doing just that.

If you need help planning your wedding I can help. Please contact Trudy Scott at 210-595-WAND (9263) or email at You can find out more about my services on my website, I would love to talk you more about your wedding!

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